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"4tt3nti0n wh0r3"
14 years old
United States
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dni list

>basic dni
>if u ship bandaid/kin mikan{i can make exceptions but pls dont talk abt mikan, shes a huge discomfort for me}
>ur a pedo/pedo apologist
>if u are over 18
>if u vent w/o my permission
>if u harass/suibait kin doubles
>if u fetishize mlm, wlw, nblw, etc.
>if u refuse to use neopronouns
>if u r a self-proclaimed fujoshi/fudanshi {its fine if u read/watch bl/gl but dont be weird abt it?}
>if u dont believe acab, blm, etc.
>if u glorify/glamourize s/lfharm, mental illness, etc.
>if u r abelist/or infantilize nd ppl its fucking weird
>if u victim blame
>if u call gay/trans men uwu boys pls stop its literally so weird
>if u call enbies anything thats infantilizing
>stay very far away from me if u still support YBC
>u use "gender envy" when u are 100% cisgender
>if u consider consensual polyamorous relationships cheating
>if u demonize ppl for having intrusive thoughts
>u shame ppl for not practicing proper hygiene when their depressed
>if u r a performative activist
>hardcore republican/conservative
>there's a lot more but all i can think of rn

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