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"Call me Alarm"
13 years old
United States
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Humor has lost its meaning. I like most senses of humor, but only if it has a punchline and if the joke is funny. The punchline is the "funny part" of the joke because alotta you have forgotten what that means. I especially like dark humor because it's pretty unique. Apparently, people think that "dark humor is only funny when you joke about your own tragedy", which is simply incorrect. Dark humor is only funny when you joke about a DARK, or a taboo subject, and most importantly, the PUNCHLINE has to be funny. I know this was really unneeded but I just wanted to say this

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also , not every joke needs a puch line.some can be extended jokes or thing you expect to be like normal jokes but arent


also people forget about timing and other things leading up to joke .
some people think its funny when i type rude things just because i usually dont act like that and they dont expect me to so it suprises me they find something so simple as funny. i thought they were being mean at first and they think im like a baby but now i realise they just dont expect it from the way i act
so if you use the context you can make some things very funny when they would usually be nothing


We live in a society

broski the 50th

the joke part is especially important in dark humor. people like to think that the sheer shock value of saying dark, taboo things is enough to make something dark humor, but they forget to take into consideration the fact there still needs to be a joke. being offensive with no wit or point behind your words just makes you come off as obnoxious