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"I don't love you like I did yesterday"
14 years old
United States
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my poems โœ„

She cried as she saw him
His hands stained with blood
On the walls, his face, everywhere
She spent her last breath looking
At the love of her life who had just killed her
But she wasnโ€™t mad, because it was out of love right ?
She loved him and she couldnโ€™t say mad.


I feel I annoy you
Iโ€™m sorry
I love you so much i canโ€™t distance myself
But maybe i need toโ€ฆ
I donโ€™t believe in love but you make me feel that it really exists
Save me, please.
Or do I save you ?
Tell me before i lose you; tell me before everything goes wrong
I love you but it's wrong to love someone
Itโ€™s wrong of me to make you think iโ€™m a good person
Iโ€™m not a good person, I know I'm not...
Death is scary; but it's more scary knowing I could be the reason
You walk away...


I watch as you used to dance in the rain, happy and carefree.
What happened to you and me ?
Did we grow up ? Are you sick of me ?
What can I do to make you feel betterโ€ฆ
I feel weak without you...please help me
I wonder as to why you ever stayed
What was so amazing about me ? Iโ€™m useless
This cold breeze I once loved haunts me now
I had to watch the one person I cared about the most leave me


She was beautiful on the outside
But a blizzard on the inside
I didnโ€™t understand though, nor did I care
I held her in my arms as that blizzard that filled her body stopped
She let her walls down but slowly built them up as I let her go
She had this power; a power to control everything
I let her control meโ€ฆ I let her wield me to my death
All so I could protect this fragile human whom I may never see


I wish we could start over
I wish you didnโ€™t know my past or my flaws
I want to be different, all that I hate about me you seem to love
Why do you love me ? I know I ask that a lot...
But why do you ?


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these are beautiful