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"I Will Ruin You."
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Wth is up w/ Umbra & Jxordo

So I've heard so much stuff about both ranging from flirting with a 12-year-old to bullying. I'm not even going to get into hate pages cause that's a different post entirely.

But what happened? I'm genuinely asking out of curiosity and fear. I know that I'm not the only minor on myspace and I want to protect myself.

Drama aside I hope you all are doing well.
всего хорошего!

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Oh goodness. :/ this is really disconcerting. I hope everyone's safe!!

Kitty Cheshire

pretty sure jxoredo was just being horny to girls (age ranging from 12-17 i believe) and threatening them when they asked him to stop- by saying stuff like "you will regret this. :)"

and umbra said the r slur, called females useless and referred to girls as his slave, put someones random address online calling it his (basically doxxing someone), and i know he specifically told me he hopes depression drives me insane and that i kill myself due to knowing no one loves me (...i dont even have


im pretty sure everything is exactly how you think, they were messaging underaged girls on this website and harassing people. they both have/had hate pages (umbra got doxxed and the hate page was banned by tom who also spoke on the situation) and i think that's the end of this. it sucks what is happening to both of them and the other people involved, i hope no one decides to take anything out of hand and go to umbra's house ><


Wait can you please explain what's going in if you can direct message me or comment on my page, Thx!


I'm asking 2 I don't know what's going on! But please take care did someone actually flirt with a 12 years old!!!


i have no idea about umbra but ive seen jx was rlly weird with underage girls on dms and made a lot of people feel uncomfortable and unsafe. he also was very emotionally manipulative and would also threaten with s/h. its all very messed up shit i would stay away from him.