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"I want to change my name i have some regrets"
16 years old
United States
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Is it just me or school just doesn't feel like school anymore. I just look at virtual school as a interactive twitch stream. You can do assignments but you don't have any motivation to do it. It's kind of weird I want school back ngl this is probably the worst school experience i had. But the best i've been doing in school which is pretty scary.

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Nah Dude

I only got to experience one semester of online school before graduating this summer but I know what u mean. It can be easier to focus at home compared to a lesson at school but you lose the social aspect. When u don't get outside as much the days flow together as well, which can be pretty soul crushing
covid aside, maybe the best alternative would be a combination of both? Less time at school so u can get stuff done at home but activities at school as well so that u can socialize?