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"Well, if it isn't Mr. Hotshot himself"
16 years old
United States
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im 16 now

today is my birfday (i was born may 21st 2005)

ive been on the site and met people since I was 14, talked to them when i was 15, and still talk to some when im 16.
thats wild bruh

(oh and its my brother and sister's 9th birthday on the 23rd)
(for epic song skip to 2:05 if you can)

Edit: yo i got like 30 comments that i just didnt post and ive lost most of them now, though ive read them all. thanks fellas and fella-ets.


Endings, Connections and Conclusions.

The other day I was thinking about Jon Favreau.

This then got me thinking of all my favorite tv shows from when I was younger. this includes some shows like "Clarence", "Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy", "Adventure Time", "Regular Show", "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and many, many more.
Then it got me thinking about how they all ended.

All of the time and passion and effort put into these shows by these people is a unique experience. I used to think "wow, wouldn't it be cool to have worked on all those shows" but it just can't happen. I also thought the same way about video games, like "imagine creating "Ghost of Tsushima" and "Cyberpunk 2077" and "Spiderman ps4", you'd be beyond famous" but chances are you only work for one studio, on one project at a time, usually ranging for over 5 years (cyberpunk took almost 8 years to come out from the time it was announced back in 2013, not even since it started development). for most people, it's really their one shot, their only chance. perhaps after that success, they go on to do more, but that first one really does tend to be the deciding factor and thus the most important.

Usually, when a show ends I register "wow it ended, that's kinda bittersweet" and don't think about it beyond that. but thinking about how all those people worked together for so many years, and are now likely split apart as they go about their separate ways puts a new weight on not only the ending of the show from the character's perspective but the people making it too. It's kind of the same feeling people describe when they graduate, it's that feeling of knowing that after today, all of your friends may never be in the same room together ever again.

sometimes I get wrapped up in thinking what it would be like for these characters after whatever media it is ends. what do they do next, how do they feel, where does that person go? either the story was just that good or I'm thinking way too deep about it and getting attached to things I shouldn't be (likely the 2nd), but it just kinda emphasizes my next point.

it has reminded me that, even without knowing it at the moment, we will all do something for the very last time. play tag with our friends for the last time, thinking you would continue tomorrow but never doing so. saying goodbye to an online friend, expecting to log on again later and never doing it. everything has a start and a finish.

take a look back at old media you enjoy and think about that. everyone is their own main character and sometimes their stories end without you knowing.

and if you do find anything that makes you feel the way I vaguely described above, why is that?

what makes fictional media and stories so compelling that we get connected and attached so well?

whats the story behind the product, how much of someone's life went into it?

what do you do when you are having the time of your life, but you know each day you work at it is one day closer to its end?

what makes a connection last?

[comments filled up so I'm putting the extras here]



The Official Discord Server™....

Edit: Is shutting down on March 31st, 2021.


↓Join The Official Discord Server™ Today↓


The Official Discord Server™ goes by many names, Reddit Server, Toxic...... nah that's kinda it.

It's pretty cool although I want to start advertising again so there are new people other than the core server members always talking. Sadly it isn't really anarchy anymore though I'll probs mass unban some people on new years.

the server is not myspace specific, it is for anything and everything, but like 85% of people on there are from myspace and the rest are people I know irl (although only a few irl people are active 😢)

anyway, that's where I am, not very active here anymore if you couldn't tell. also if you do want some myspace specific servers here are 2 others you can try joining

W93 Myspace CSS server
"a server for learning more about css. sometimes people talk. and when people talk it is enjoyable"

Gerberbabie's myspace server
"join my myspace server if you'd like; there're lots of great people on there. lifted the age limit, but if you're younger than 13 I do not want you there. please."

also, a warning in advance before you join The Official Discord Server™, like 90% of the stuff said it is sarcastic or shitposting, so don't take anything seriously. if something seems unclear feel free to ask because 99% of the time misunderstandings and fights happen just cause a text was misinterpreted.


my final hoorah (im back now)

I think we can all agree my last blog was very sad.
so I'm making a new final blog to leave things on a happier note.
‏‏‎ ‎
First off, my last blog said I'd be back in a week, but I would have had school so I decided to come back a day earlier. I'll still log on the 5th in case anyone was expecting me though.
‏‏‎ ‎
second, the response was overwhelming. I am genuinely lost for words on what to say. I saw the comments on toms page, on my page, and some people even made blogs about it which is more than I thought would happen. I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who commented, sent me a message, made a blog, etc. it really does mean a lot. I knew due to the sheer number of friends my account has that it would spread, but I didn't expect as many personal responses as there were. sadly I doubt ill see everything since the oldest blog on my news page is from the 1st of October, and there are too many pages to check individually, but I still appreciate everything I have been able to see.
‏‏‎ ‎
now it's my turn to thank yall. one thing I've seen is people thanking me for talking, friending people, and generally being an active part of the site and community. These mean a lot to me, but I can't take all the credit. it's because of the people like you who make that possible. Without people like you to talk to, it wouldn't be myspace now, would it?

It's really weird to think of all the people I've met, and all the friends I've made, and that they are all contained on this one small corner of the internet. it's hard to put into words how it feels. there is this massive group of people who I'm never gonna see or meet in real life, and the extremely vast majority I won't even interact online with outside of this website. I don't wanna make this blog super long and emotional like the last one because this is supposed to be the goodbye blog with happy vibes, I already made the sad one, so ill stop that part here.
‏‏‎ ‎
All of that aside, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I don't have any idea if or when I might return for real, so I'm gonna put this here just in case
‎ ‎
my final myspace will;

  1. I probably won't be topped by Tom forever (although it would be very epic if I was, keep me topped forever please). but my time being topped by tom is likely limited I would like to nominate Nah Dude, Koala71783, and death_by_penis as my potential top spot replacements.
  2. subscribe to Nicholas and Tyler Food Reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWrTDUewy28?autoplay=1
  3. follow me on twitch (ill start streaming again someday guys https://www.twitch.tv/jaden_desmond)
  4. talk more. make your own CSS. start conversations first. take advantage of this website. it's not every day you find a perfect little corner of the web like this.
  5. That's it I guess. I thought I would have more but I'm blanking on it right now. Might add more later.

Anyway, unapproved comments on blogs max out at 10 and start auto-deleting, so I never saw the comments made within the first 13 or so hours of my last blog, which is when most people would have seen and commented, so sorry for that. If you want to reply it's probably safer to comment on my main page comment section.
‎ ‎
And I guess that's it

and btw, there is some extremely good music taste among the users here. I particularly remember yunggook and The Skullz always had some bangers on their pages.

Instagram: @Jaden_Desmond but I'm grounded so don't expect me to respond anytime soon
Discord: Jaden Desmond#1318
Youtube: Jaden Desmond, Nicholas and Tyler Food Reviews
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jaden_desmond
Email: Jadendesmond12@gmail.com (only made to share css but I might check it)
Trollbox: Jaden Desmond
Facebook: have one but don't use it, only made it to get free gems in dragon city
Snapchat: have one but don't use it, Snapchat is cringe
Twitter: is cringe
Whatsapp: Not giving out my phone number
Phone number: No



I'm Leaving Myspace93 (back)

Well this isn't something I planned on, doing this on a whim actually.
‏‏‎ ‎
I feel like I'm following a trend. So many people have left in the last 2 months, specifically making blogs about it too, which makes me hate the timing for this. I actually planned to quit at 10k, I had everything ready and typed out that day. All I had to do was click send.
‏‏‎ ‎
I'll never be able to say everything I want to say in 1 blog but I'll try.
‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‎ ‎
When I first joined this website, I took it as a joke. just another way to spend time in class. I looked at this place like a game, and I wanted to win.
‏‏‎ ‎
But when people started friending me, I grew curious. there were unique pages with different personalities and people, all congregating together.
and I could see it all.
I wanted to see them all.
When everything shut down for quarantine I came back and spent more time here. I developed friendships with people. messing with my page and interacting was the best part. I was fascinated by how someone can visually personify their mind, their feelings, their person so well. I vividly remember the first day I made my account, clicking through the random tab and seeing pages like AOL, death_by_penis and Unseen. people like Bill and Nah Dude, Golden_lib. if I start listing them now I'll never stop. I remember so many profiles hooked me, I started a bookmark folder just for them, which at this point is far too large to share.
‏‏‎ ‎
it felt new. it felt exciting. it felt fresh.
‏‏‎ ‎
Now everyone here feels the same. the same 3 themes from paste bin or Github. The same likes, the same dislikes. the same songs. the same speech and style of typing. I liked this place because I never knew what I would find. Now I have to comb through hundreds of pages before finding someone unique or interesting.
‏‏‎ ‎
I loved the community.
‏‏‎ ‎
I didn't realize it at the time, but that is by far the thing I miss the most. I miss just knowing people. Now it's an endless sea of one-time log-ons and blank accounts destined to sit and collect dust, never knowing who or why. It's impossible to connect. Back then it felt like everyone knew everyone. We all had a voice. Now everyone is drowned out by an ocean of inactivity.
‏‏‎ ‎
I know this must sound crazy, ignorant and out of touch coming from someone like me. I've been the second most friended non-tom account since april 23rd 2020. It feels like before you were speaking to a crowd, now it's like speaking to a city. With a crowd there are few ears but everyone was heard. Now there are so many more ears to listen, but so few who will ever hear.
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎So many of my friends have left. Gone in silence. Logging off for the last time, or leaving because they felt the same as I do now. And some I just don't know why. I think about that. I think about it a lot.
‏‏‎ ‎
maybe I flew too close to the sun. maybe I burned myself out. Too much of a good thing can be deadly.
‏‏‎ ‎
I will never forget any of the people I met here. Never. ‏‏‎ ‎
I think that's it. Time to log off.
I’ll be back in a week or so to check comments but then I think I’ll be gone for good.
‏‏‎ ‎
My biggest regret was trying too hard. I wanted to be an everyman, someone everyone would befriend. I spent too long trying to listen to others. Too long trying just to get a big number. I wish I had talked more openly and honestly on this website before. Just shared what I thought more.
‏‏‎ ‎
I had the 3rd biggest voice on the whole site and I never used it.


Attention New Users (css swag blog)

sup fam squad.

so there are new users everywhere on here and one very common thing I see is people finding the site hard to use. well worry no more because I, Jaden Desmond (the one and only, yes that's right) have devised a cunning and appropriate plan to help all new users

Jaden's Tech Tips
Here is a Tech Tip:

  1. Use Inspect to practice CSS, mess around. open a google doc and paste the stuff you like in it. there is no website you can go to to make your own theme. the owner of the site (Jankenpopp) posted a tutorial on the tom page, give it a watch, its helpful. I have also made a very yoloswag CSS template for you to use and make your own page with.

tom's blog https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=1&b=2
CSS template https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DbRQ-qscSPuS339NtijeLAL-W0Wmtmf5fuEhSo70nV8/edit?usp=sharing (gee guys I know I said I'm not big on credit but you could at least add me. I can tell when you use my CSS. an add and sub to Nicholas and Tyler food reviews would be nice.)

  1. lots of people have CSS docs on their pages for people to use. All CSS with the line next to "myspace.windows93.net" was made using MY CSS despite what others may say. again, there is no website that can custom make a theme for you, you have to do it yourself. I'm gonna butter my own bread here and plug my google drive that has a bunch of premade themes for others to use. you may notice that plugging in the CSS it will show my name instead of yours, just hit ctrl+f and search for where it says "Jaden Desmond's _____" and change it to your name. ill also link some other people's CSS blogs, but definitely check out tom's from step 1

Mine https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yAsmVt0vvXzcGCdNuXFdx8DBYwUJL8eH?usp=sharing
sskailyn https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=5778&b=2
Stocking https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=8281&b=1
Rise https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=5512&b=1
XxEmo_BitchxX https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=7567&b=1
suppalonlychick (used my css as a base) https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=6395&b=5

  1. users Zeeslag and Nah Dude along with some others I think made a pretty cool script extension for myspace, it basically adds another feature that shows all of your fwiends blogs from newest to oldest on one tab. other users like 1024x2 and Craftplacer have a couple of blogs on nifty CSS tricks and ill link their pages and zeeslag's blog here too. EDIT: so to celebrate 9,000 fwiends tom/janken popp added the "news" tab which does the same thing as the extension, but it's still cool to have so still get it

zeeslag blog https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=184&b=4
1024x2 https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=29
craftplacer https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=6618

  1. to add images and gifs to comments and other things just right-click the image, copy the image address, then paste it into whatever you need the image for. when you hit send/post it will show up as the image

  2. if you guys need inspiration for CSS ill start leaving some profiles that I think look cool here,

death_by_penis https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=764
Zeeslag https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=184
RexRaptor https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=3281
EG24 https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=6776

  1. if you look at the page URL, next to the id= you can see what number account someone is. for example, I am account number 3532.

  2. You cannot @ people on myspace, and they will have no way of knowing if you do. the best thing to do is just go to their page to comment a reply

  3. here is a css discord made by Shoebox/Keihaku for anyone who needs some guidance or specific help

I might add more tips when they come to mind, actually

Final Tech Tip: Subscribe To Nicholas and Tyler Food Reviews on Youtube




the dog sniffs fast wind
splash as the car hits water
a sleeping room turns.


Class + Archived blogs

my mom forces me to go to school. i hate it here, it's super lame and all the kids are doing cringey things like the renegade and juuls. All the loser kids are too dense to get anything above a 50 and it smells weird. when i'm an adult, i'm going straight into real estate and building my empire while there are still bricks left to build with. 25 years from now i'm gonna be rich and famous, then no one can bug me.

edit: November 14th 2020
This was my very first blog by the way
alright so im gonna start archiving my blogs now, sucks that i have already deleted a bunch of blogs and blog comments before this but its whatever