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"dad said it's your turn in the eva!"
18 years old
United States
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lyfe updatez

hey... its been a while... h..
some updates

  • i just got a job >:3
  • i'm going into my 3rd quarter at ucsb and i still haven't been to campus other than to get tested for covid
  • i'm still making patches
  • i cut my own hair now and i look epic as fuck
  • I'M STREAMING ON TWITCH >:0 come join the stream sometime
  • i MIGHT start t soon :D
  • i think that's it?? i've had a LOT happen . most of this was like. this week. this is the Getting My Shit TOgether week.

how have u guys been? any new music i should check out ??

songs i've been liking rn:
i love you like an alcoholic - the taxpayers
crucified - army of lovers
я роняю запад - face
i/me/myself - will wood
heaven help us - my chemical romance
pathetic - blame candy
superfast jellyfish - gorillaz

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