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"dad said it's your turn in the eva!"
18 years old
United States
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goin thru it

my second quarter of college started last week and i'm already dying <3 i move this weekend though so im super excited to finally move out mwahaha

how have all of yall been !!! i know i havent been on much recently but ill hopefully b logging in more now that break is over and im adjusting hehe

oh also i found this old daisy chainsaw cd in my car that i bought back in june or something and i literally can't find it online!!! it's got 5 tracks & i know love your money is track 1 and track 5 is like over 7 minutes long but i dont remember the other tracks at all rn can someone help meee i bought it used for like $1.50 at this record store in hillcrest </3

also i really wanna get the scott pilgrim vs the world the game rerelease but its expensiveeee i will be saving up for it hehe

songs im liking today:
sunrise, sunset - bright eyes
song for a late and lovesick psychic - morning moth
g.i.n.a.s.f.s - fall out boy
love your money - daisy chainsaw
the phrase that pays - the academy is...
skate or live - anamanaguchi
jennifer's body - hole

heres a catboy misha collins gif i found while scrolling thru heritageposts on tumblr

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