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"gay gay homosexual gay. or something"
16 years old
United States
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*lip bite*

started T on tuesday, haven't told anybody I know irl about it for some weird reasons, idk I need to stop being so neurotic

my friend still hasn't responded :| :| :|

ordered thai food today, felt like my first actual purchase since getting a job, I mean, I've bought other things since then but this just felt like such a job-having purchase to make

I work in 7 hours :/ means I got to wake up in like 5 and a half :?

things are still not optimal with the almost-bf, idk, also I had a weird fantasy about a coworker but I don't think it means anything, maybe just that I want someone who will give me attention, who knows

oh also I've made 60 dollars in tips this week B) not through work-work but through art stuff

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