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"jam (pfp me!)"
17 years old
United States
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i want to exist somewhere else

whats the point of getting good grades, taking tests, going to work, when i feel so pointless.... it all feels so pointless, and i feel so disconnected from all the people that i know irl, because i havent seen them in forever but also that i just changed so much from the beginning of quarentine. i hope i can make friends on this platform who understand me and want to escape this reality with me, because thats what my end goal was anyway: lets go!

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i feel that.. it causes me alot of depression sometimes, it sounds cliche but fr the best way is to find smth rather it be art,sport or whatever that thrives you and gives you energy bc otherwise this mindset will eat you up fr :( for me its art/music bc it kinda gives me a purpose to create smth but i feel you i sometimes just wanna run away or hide lol