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"jam (pfp me!)"
17 years old
United States
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my diary

helloo ive fell in love with this platform and how customizable it is, so i wanna share more about myself and learn more about others starting w a daily plan and diary in this thread! maybe itll be easier to get stuff done and ill be making this my throwaway for any thoughts. i love all of u :))


i want to exist somewhere else

whats the point of getting good grades, taking tests, going to work, when i feel so pointless.... it all feels so pointless, and i feel so disconnected from all the people that i know irl, because i havent seen them in forever but also that i just changed so much from the beginning of quarentine. i hope i can make friends on this platform who understand me and want to escape this reality with me, because thats what my end goal was anyway: lets go!

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