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"wanna see me chug a whole can of loose leaf tea?"
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hie again

so many of you don't know me.. thank god for that im a fvcking horrid mess to work with, but i thought i should better intoduce myself. Hi, I'm Jack Oclem. I am that one nonbinary person who unfortunatly picked a normal name. But hey i guess thats just how the cookie crumbled for me. I do also go by milk or beans as a nickname and i do respond to them so i am somewhat going by the weird name stariotype in a way. im 2,429 years old time traveler and would love to share some of the stories i have. I am the rat king, and don't tell me im not i do bite. i am a very lonely indavidual and i love historical things especially from the later victorian era especially the year 1888. Though with clothing i also enjoy 1875. I have a weird obsession with guillotines considering i was once killed by one. I am a violinist and have a nack for picking up instruments. hand me one and within at 10min ill be making a pretty tune with and and have made a way of learning music with it though it might not be the right way with that paricular instrument. I like drawing and playing any of the video games my parents have around the house. I never was intruduced to games like my brother though and it wasn't until recently that i started playing any. um class starts in a sec so gotta go if you want a part two please ask and i will do it

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