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"wanna see me chug a whole can of loose leaf tea?"
69 years old
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I'll take that as a no

its been over 11 days and i got no responses on that last blog post so ill take that as a no (-_-)

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Does anyone actually go/check my page cause I'm thinking of becoming more active again since I'm on here alot with Karen. Maybe I could give updates on her, the story, her kids, suggestions for her page, etc because I am probably the most active admin on her account and im the one blogging and doing a good amount of commenting, doing everything with the other characters except martin, thats mostly admin 2 cause its one of his accounts, and making and designing the pages. You can tell when im not on cause admin2 is funnier and tends to get more peoples attention when hes on. I want to be on here and actually do things and such but im worried that my account is going dead like my older ones like captain jack did after bringmeyourcherries left.

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ngl kinda miss Bringmeyourcherries-

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okay i tend to make up imaginary situations that i convince myself will happen and one of them finally did. So for months ive been obsessing over pi, yes the number. I currently only know 74 digits including the decimal, mind you i have a poor memory and don't like math but i managed to memorize a decent amount of random numbers, but i know thats more than anyone in my math class so i've been waiting for march 14. Well pi day this year was a Sunday so.... but today my teacher started talking about it so i stole his marker and wrote down 3.141592653538979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640, i am far from done with this by july i want to know around 120 digits, i tend to give myself more time than needed cause im me, the procrastinating weirdo who just crawled across the floor of my math class to write down a list of numbers from memory_

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ok i know what i said previosly but.

still simping look at his shorts tho ;)



okay unrealated i have loved this song since i was younger but now i can't watch it with a straight face and uh like look at his smile

oh god someone take my simp privlige away



yeah to uh cover up that last post heres jaehee because i still want a proper route from her she's friggin adorable and I love her so uh jaehee simping time



hie again

so many of you don't know me.. thank god for that im a fvcking horrid mess to work with, but i thought i should better intoduce myself. Hi, I'm Jack Oclem. I am that one nonbinary person who unfortunatly picked a normal name. But hey i guess thats just how the cookie crumbled for me. I do also go by milk or beans as a nickname and i do respond to them so i am somewhat going by the weird name stariotype in a way. im 2,429 years old time traveler and would love to share some of the stories i have. I am the rat king, and don't tell me im not i do bite. i am a very lonely indavidual and i love historical things especially from the later victorian era especially the year 1888. Though with clothing i also enjoy 1875. I have a weird obsession with guillotines considering i was once killed by one. I am a violinist and have a nack for picking up instruments. hand me one and within at 10min ill be making a pretty tune with and and have made a way of learning music with it though it might not be the right way with that paricular instrument. I like drawing and playing any of the video games my parents have around the house. I never was intruduced to games like my brother though and it wasn't until recently that i started playing any. um class starts in a sec so gotta go if you want a part two please ask and i will do it

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i haev retuerned

im beack i was to lazy to get back on to all like fifty of my accounts so hello welcome back or if your the like 20 friend requests i just accepted hello i am yeah bye



i still don't understand what to do here