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"Ok i lied and just needed a short break"
16 years old
United States
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A look back at the 3DS

Well, Nintendo killed the DS line and of course, I'm late to this. The 3DS was one of the few consoles I've had close to its release. The first 3DS I got back in 2012 at a very dead mall. What I remember from this day, we were on our way back home when a bad thunderstorm hit our town and that's all I Remember. Along with the 3DS, I got Ridge Racer and some Micro Machines game on the DS. I was and still suck at the Ridge Racer. Although I got MKDS for free because my mom found a cartridge on the floor and just gave it to me; I also sucked and only played 50cc. Does anyone remember Nintendo Video? I watched a couple of Bravest Warriors episodes with that service. Now everyone remembers Swapnote, right? Well, my 'notes' were just literal gibberish and I had almost all of the stencils unlocked. (I still have the audio I recorded on the SD card) Now, this blue 3DS met its fate when I broke the charger plug on it back in early 2016. Fast forward to 2017 and I get a 'new' model from GameStop for $60. This is when I could use a Mario Amiibo I got. When I was younger, I used the internet browser to watch videos past my bedtime and thus is why I have 600 hours on the internet browser. Swapdoodle's cool but not the same. Now with both, I met someone from Alaska and someone else from someplace with no map. It's sad that I've never had anyone aside from family members on my friend list. Now, I use my 3DS more than my Switch at the moment. Thank you, Nintendo.

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