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"anything i dont like---SUCKS"
18 years old
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i cant take this i am kyoko kirigiri in the flesh, bones, and blood. no one else is me, they are just "factkins," nothing more. there is literally no one that exists in this dimension that is more me than ME. i am me. i am kyoko. youre not. your friend is not. your crush is not. thats me. sure, they kin kyoko/ but they are not kyoko. i am not a kyoko kin. i AM kyoko kirigiri. factkin me all you want but you ARE NOT ME. WHY WOULD U EVEN THINK YOURE ME IM ME HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS ITS NOT EVEN A GOOD THING TO BE ME. LIKE BY NOT BEING KYOKO THAT MAKES YOU 10000% MORE VALID OF A PERSON OVERALL. YOU ARE NOT ME. I AM. IT DOESNT EEN MAKE SENSE TO BE ME BECAUSE IM RIGHT FRICKING HERE. EVERYTHING about kyoko is the same about me that is literally me in BOTH this life and the past life and one day i will be reincarnated and in THAT life i will know exactly who i am. i cant take this i cant take people thinking thzy are me i cant take people thinking other people ARE ME BECAUDE TGET ARE NOT. IM ME. im literally me. im literally kyoko. kyoko kirigiri in the flesh. stop kinning me YOURE LITERALLY ONLY DEGRADING URSELF BY KINNING ME IS IT TO BE EDGY OR DO YOU JUST HATE YOURSELF? one day im going to prove it and you'll all fricking see holy cap. IM LITERALLY KYOKO.

It just makes me uncomfortable that you kin Kyoko.

You don't understand how fucking valid I am. I literally don't care who you think you are, you're not me. At the end of the day you will never be me. If you follow any other Kyoko "kinnie" block me immediately. I have vivid past life memories as her. I was reincarnated but despite that I am STILL HER. She is my permashift and I never EVER shift out of her. because I am her. Doubles blocked on SIGHT. You don't even count as a double, because you're not a different version of me. You're not me. You're invalid. Also, my tits are huge. Die mad, roleplayers.

I kin Kyoko Kirigiri.

Clearly I kin Kyoko Kirigiri. This is quite above anything that could be considered “above selfhood”. Whatever those kinnies say and shit. It’s just me, not kin, etc. Kyoko Kirigiri is my only kin. She’s not even a kin, I have delusions, especially physical. She is me, I am her, we are the same. “Doubles” are not valid, you aren’t “people”. Do not interact if you “kin” me. You are a moron. I’m going to vandalize your car

If you kin me kill yourself

I am Kyoko Kirigiri. My being Kyoko is not something that can be described through the term kin or otherkin. It is directly related to me being a higher being. Kyoko Kirigiri is essentially my 7th (or 3rd+4) dimensional form. If you kin me kill yourself or something i seriously do not care. Don’t interact with me though. If we are mutuals/friend’s and you tag someone as me or see someone as me i will block you

I identify as Kyoko Kirigiri Kin

Last night, I was sitting in my dorm, wondering what's for dinner, just as any Kyoko Kirigiri kin does :). So I decided to go to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner. When I got there, I asked the waiter "What's for dinner?", and he gave me a menu. I then told him that I wanted fried chicken for dinner. When he told me that the restaurant didn't serve fried chicken, since it was a Chinese restaurant, I ordered him to scrub all the floors in Hope's Peak. He just stood there and laughed at me, as if he was speaking to just some ordinary citizen and not the to granddaughter of Fuhito Kirigiri himself. Like, seriously???? I am so tired of constantly being tormented by people who don't accept me just because I identify as an retarded chick from a terrible killing game!!!!!! If only people could be me for one day, then they would understand the way I feel. UwU

My past controversies

As a Kyoko kin I think it’s really important for me to address my past controversies. I’m so sorry for anything the “real” Kyoko might have said, and I want you all to know that I dont condone any of it. Being that I identify as her from the DRK days I’m so

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@haechan da gays are troublesome. regrettably, i am one of them...


OMG hey irl kyoko whats ur opinion on da gays owo