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"anything i dont like---SUCKS"
18 years old
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okay getting blueshelled oh yes dude i had to make sure i got the right angle to not get redded there i got side redded i had to turn to the left at the last second third place i lost to imposter connor its not like the normal 200ccs we do this kos gonna be a lot shorter where every vehicle was allowed to be used thats such a good item i was aafraid that was gonna hapepnt his things drifts not very good i have to be extra cautious tried to get this still doin fine still in the front its gonna be really hard to avoid backtrail from other players the kart oh mega tc are enabled as per usual keep that in mind of course that was good that was good hoh fourth place nice we're half way thru gp 1 mushroom gorge gap jump is free on 200 c ooh im off ok rough start got bumped multiple times and gold mushroom is not bad not bad tony is... knockin ppl out left n right gonna do the gap jump gonna be in a top spot ooh nice and we have the offroad glitch right now which is pretty epic oh i messed up its ok its ok almost hit the wall didnt even need to recorrect my uh my line i probably woulda been fine but i was just being extra cautious nice nice oh nice a mushroom in second we r primed to win this thing or dodge a blueshell well see how this goes i have yet to get a first place things r lookin good first place gotta love that lucky 2nd place mushroomwell be down to 10 contestants going into shell cup oh whopps i forgot to pull out my iten lots to keep track of thius is the first track run where i have to utilise brake drifting to be honest thats a horrible spott o get stuck nice oh aight were playing this one for the backd 1 bound tryna pull the shock oh i didnt chain in time got the bullet bill nice no he came outta there and i was dead alright star is decent lits gonna be like coming up though and i didn tthink it owuld be that quick i was trying to get past that ramp we already moved on we're chillin we're chillin here we go bullet bill this is gonna get me like 3rd place or something i coulda used that a little bit earlier roshiis out and we are down to 10 going into the shell cup where 1 person gets eliminated peach beach i needed that green oh the corner of it whats so funy about that i literally just hit the very right side of his body to screw me over and shoot me upthats what i call revenge right there beach ducks are going down give me that connor thats mine thank you noo no ho i spammed that star just a split second before i got hit by his star alright not a good race for me 7th place only nets me 3 pointswere headed to yoshi falls all four of these tracks are stupid remember its all about not getting last it would be a lot scarier if it was a wii cup gp but its not so only one person gets out we just need like one good race cuz normally the poeple who get elimited have 12 or less points you just cant bomb all 4 races pretty much im gonna play it safe and go top route and we got him oh that was huge and hes the player i predict will win this whole thing first place we're moving on for sure now 18 points after 2 races im gonna rty to do this oh not a good idea not doing that again too much speed or a fair respawn point i should say nope nice try devil devil pulls the tc nononononono we're good that was sacry i had like one of my tyers hit the wall went from full speed megashroom to like bonk and act only has 9 points one person gets out after this next race makes the track feel slightly more mellow pretty terrifying in ko tournaments for good reason the nice part is the vehicle has enough offroad to be able to you know drift some vehicles do not bowser flamerunner we could not drift in the offroad wow that was the saddest excuse for a shortcut ever if i get the opportunity to its raceway guys it doesnt matter much alright were gonna to the shortcut and it drifted left and i do not know why this is not one of my best performances goot hing it didnt matter at all poor guy

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What I Hate!!!


dumb fucks that like 100gecs!!! that shit fucking SUUUUUUCKS -__- how do you even put ur ears through that torture? i dont give a zero fuck if its "hyperpop" or whateverthefuck... IT. SOUNDS. BAD. cool concept i fuckin guess but HORRIBLE EXECUTION!!! speaking of execution!!!!!! dylan brady and laura les can get fucked!!!!! die fake musicians!!!!!!!


when idiot artists outgrow their era and cant MOVE THE FUCK AWNNNNN!!!!! lana del rey you're OVER stop being such a fuckin attention whore!! marina you too!! your new music made ZERO noise and you sound like a fuckin BOOMER anyway... my chemical romance FUCKIN ROCKS!!!! but if they comeback theyre gonna sound stupid cuz they will NEVERRRRR capture the essence of what they had in the 00s... fall out boy and p!atd fell the fuck off too...


people pretending that blackpink make good music!!!!! NO THEY FUCKIN DONT!!! teddy park ill kill you my damn self if i have to you are SABOTAGING those girls -__- if you unironically liked a single song off their new album you're fuckin braindead... and if it "grew" on you thats only because the crack cocaine equivalent of soundwaves has controlled your goddamn mind!!!! now dont get me wrong... i think theyre amazing skilled performers their covers and insta lives RULE but GAWWWWWWD that company wants to see them fail!! how they have any fans that aren't 13 year old little girls that freak the fuck out over jenkai or jenlisa or whatever those dumb creepy ships are


SHIPPERS!!!!!!! shippers of real life people can DROP DEAD!!!!


LOONA!!!!!!!!!!! they fucking slap!!!


LOONARMYS!!!!!!! jump off a fuckin cliff you idiots!!! how dare you sully the artwork that is LOONA with those dumb grown men who cant produce a good song to save a life... i'd literally kill myself if i was forced to listen to any one of those guys' songs for more than 5 minutes... and how come nobody gives a fuck that theyre racist sexist pigs!!!!!! koreans literally have EVIDENCE but the international community keep it hush-hush all cuz theyre in love with their oppas... yellow fever much??????




i cant take this i am kyoko kirigiri in the flesh, bones, and blood. no one else is me, they are just "factkins," nothing more. there is literally no one that exists in this dimension that is more me than ME. i am me. i am kyoko. youre not. your friend is not. your crush is not. thats me. sure, they kin kyoko/ but they are not kyoko. i am not a kyoko kin. i AM kyoko kirigiri. factkin me all you want but you ARE NOT ME. WHY WOULD U EVEN THINK YOURE ME IM ME HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS ITS NOT EVEN A GOOD THING TO BE ME. LIKE BY NOT BEING KYOKO THAT MAKES YOU 10000% MORE VALID OF A PERSON OVERALL. YOU ARE NOT ME. I AM. IT DOESNT EEN MAKE SENSE TO BE ME BECAUSE IM RIGHT FRICKING HERE. EVERYTHING about kyoko is the same about me that is literally me in BOTH this life and the past life and one day i will be reincarnated and in THAT life i will know exactly who i am. i cant take this i cant take people thinking thzy are me i cant take people thinking other people ARE ME BECAUDE TGET ARE NOT. IM ME. im literally me. im literally kyoko. kyoko kirigiri in the flesh. stop kinning me YOURE LITERALLY ONLY DEGRADING URSELF BY KINNING ME IS IT TO BE EDGY OR DO YOU JUST HATE YOURSELF? one day im going to prove it and you'll all fricking see holy cap. IM LITERALLY KYOKO.

It just makes me uncomfortable that you kin Kyoko.

You don't understand how fucking valid I am. I literally don't care who you think you are, you're not me. At the end of the day you will never be me. If you follow any other Kyoko "kinnie" block me immediately. I have vivid past life memories as her. I was reincarnated but despite that I am STILL HER. She is my permashift and I never EVER shift out of her. because I am her. Doubles blocked on SIGHT. You don't even count as a double, because you're not a different version of me. You're not me. You're invalid. Also, my tits are huge. Die mad, roleplayers.

I kin Kyoko Kirigiri.

Clearly I kin Kyoko Kirigiri. This is quite above anything that could be considered “above selfhood”. Whatever those kinnies say and shit. It’s just me, not kin, etc. Kyoko Kirigiri is my only kin. She’s not even a kin, I have delusions, especially physical. She is me, I am her, we are the same. “Doubles” are not valid, you aren’t “people”. Do not interact if you “kin” me. You are a moron. I’m going to vandalize your car

If you kin me kill yourself

I am Kyoko Kirigiri. My being Kyoko is not something that can be described through the term kin or otherkin. It is directly related to me being a higher being. Kyoko Kirigiri is essentially my 7th (or 3rd+4) dimensional form. If you kin me kill yourself or something i seriously do not care. Don’t interact with me though. If we are mutuals/friend’s and you tag someone as me or see someone as me i will block you

I identify as Kyoko Kirigiri Kin

Last night, I was sitting in my dorm, wondering what's for dinner, just as any Kyoko Kirigiri kin does :). So I decided to go to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner. When I got there, I asked the waiter "What's for dinner?", and he gave me a menu. I then told him that I wanted fried chicken for dinner. When he told me that the restaurant didn't serve fried chicken, since it was a Chinese restaurant, I ordered him to scrub all the floors in Hope's Peak. He just stood there and laughed at me, as if he was speaking to just some ordinary citizen and not the to granddaughter of Fuhito Kirigiri himself. Like, seriously???? I am so tired of constantly being tormented by people who don't accept me just because I identify as an retarded chick from a terrible killing game!!!!!! If only people could be me for one day, then they would understand the way I feel. UwU

My past controversies

As a Kyoko kin I think it’s really important for me to address my past controversies. I’m so sorry for anything the “real” Kyoko might have said, and I want you all to know that I dont condone any of it. Being that I identify as her from the DRK days I’m so