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"i rlly want some cat ears"
17 years old
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♡ story no. 2 ♡


this story was part of a school assignment, to write from an animal's pov.♡

This morning I was softly awoken by the warmth of light filling the entrance of my home, the warmth setting calm fire to my fur. I begin to stretch elegantly, my tail lifting up dust as it's swooshing motion finalizes the process and I'm mentally awake. As I leave my home, I get to enjoy the freshness in the air as I trot through the grass. The dew that had set in through last night brushes my snout and the corners of my eyes as I jump on it. I give the sea of green some of my time before I get tired of swimming.
I get to the giant-filled area, the temperature seeming to have gotten hotter, there are stones beneath my feet that I work on getting used to. Time has taught me to stay by the outskirts of the area, where the giants' overbearing presence won't risk losing good prey.
I've been watching this giant's territory for a while, it's teeming with rats and pests. I've tried to take advantage of the prey, especially since most giants refrain from driving me away too aggressively when they see I've killed their rats for them. This human seems to be the exception though, I came close to their territory a while ago and they pointed this long rod of some sort at me, immediately knew I had to back away. Frankly, I've got no idea what this rod does or why it was used so boldly as a threat. I just know that when it was pointed at me, I felt myself immediately back away with anger and fear rising inside me. Besides, I know better than to mess with humans that act aggressively towards their own kind, those are cold and ill-smelling creatures.
In the end, I'm distracted by this little white bunny hopping around a small giant, it's movements sudden and energetic, yet filled with anxiety. I cautiously get closer as my breathing calms at the sight of the little animal. I am filled with some warm connection to it, for I feel it's rush right now as the area becomes more crowded. I get close to the small giant, my tail and body low, to avoid seeming too intimidating. The uneven stones are like boulders that are miles apart, but at last, the small giant pets me and seems to introduce me to the bunny. I don't need to understand their sounds when their small hand is so obviously pointing to it. I feel the small human gleefully jump around behind me as I softly brush my snout against the bunny's fur, calming it down. I decide it's the right time, I feel my jaw warm itself with the taste of victory as I bolt back to my home. Once safe, I drop the limp body on the floor, looking at its bright white fur deliciously taint itself with red. I devour it whole, not needing to bite down even once.

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