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"fuck the lunarians"
16 years old
United States
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dni list on blog cause i want more space for stuff in my about me boxes and stuff yknow ::)


  • i have bdp so i may get angry or act like a bitch sometimes apologies for that
  • i can use 2 slurs so if you see me use em dont go twitter mode on me (faggot and retard slur btw)
  • ill admit i can be a bit self centered at times
  • i have a boyfriend which i love very very much so dont try anything if youre like that
  • PLEASE be aware of my triggers before you talk to me n stuff
  • flirting with me platonically just makes me uncomfortable so dont (its fine if you say dumb stuff like "kisses" or smth just like yknow nothing sexual)
  • please dont shit on my comfort characters even if its a joke it honestly gets me a little upset ( once you talk to me youll know my comfort characters and stuff )
  • if we become friends feel free to vent or rant abt anything to me. even if its small or stupid, ill listen and try my best to help you, i love helping people and making them happy ::)


  • you like touhou nsfw/ecchi. theyre all children stfu
  • you dont respect peoples triggers
  • above the age of 40
  • you think r/pe is funny and make jokes about it..also stfu
  • homophobic, racist, sexist all that stuff yknow
  • "weeb"(not an anime fan, but a weeb as in someone who wants to become japanese cause of anime..)
  • ""dark humor"" mfs that make ab/se and sexist jokes.
  • you make nsfw jokes a lot. it makes me uncomfy ::(
  • youre "superstraight" PLEASE get out
  • youre under 13. im 16 so it makes me feel weird, no offense
  • if youre one of those lgbt people that hate straight/cis people..
  • people that like the manga series "suicide boy" and the character "hooni". self-harm isnt cute or aesthetic.
  • you like gore. im going to be honest, its very concerning and disgusting to me.
  • if youre the kind of person that types like "h-hewwo πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆim just a lwitte s-shy >///<" please shut up
    ok thats it i dislike people like that!!


  • rape
  • abuse
  • house fires
  • self harm and suicide

PLEASE take these seriously and dont make fun of me for any of them ::)

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i 100% agree with the lgbt straight haters lol

-a bi person


shit that came out wrong but i meant i agree that lgbt people who harass straight/cis people need to stfu