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ab jxoredo???

um what the fck was up with the whole situation with jxoredo and his hate page,, coz it was filled with girls talking ab how he harassed girls. he even admitted it with a half assed apology and has been playing the victim ever since he got caught. hes trying to earn pity points by weaponizing depression and suicidal thoughts. i strongly agree with the "believe the victim until proven wrong" idea so i sided with the hate acc the moment they informed me of the situation. but, jxoredo added me as a fwiend before he was exposed, so in present time, he is still in my page marked as 'fwiend',and my website turns blank when i click the 'block' button. this topic came out of nowhere but i feel guilty that nothing has happened to help the girls, while jxoredo receives pity and reassurance from his friends, assuring him hes made a small mistake. you guys grow soft the moment a man uses his issues as an excuse for behavior and it's disgusting. i couldn't care less if you're depressed and want nothing more but to die, that is not an excuse to harass and make women feel filthy because of your actions. humble yourself and disappear from this website, better yet, the world. nobody needs you and your disgusting way of thinking.

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ohhh okok. i hope he gets off this website tho, its just feeding his ego and it wont help him change like he promised he would in his notes app apology blog, which he deleted btw, either to distance himself from his mistakes or to make room for his corny ass poems everyones eating up

Kageyama&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;#039;s W1fe

yeah he said most of them didn't and I don't want to say that they did so I just said "seems like they did"


the no. 1 is so accurate pls. im not sure if the girls have forgiven him or theyre just random ass mfs speaking over the victims, but if they have, that's their decision and i wont stand in the way bc i literally don't have a say in this other than my opinion on the situation.

Kageyama&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;#039;s W1fe

ok so I went to unfriend him and then I read his blog posts and this is what I have to say about them:
No. 1 "The Devil": Not to be rude but it kinda reminds me of what a 6th grader would say when they're faking depression
No. 2: Some of the girls seem to have forgiven him and he seems like he WANTS to change but the fact that it was so much is pretty iffy and makes me think he only wanted to apologize because he was being criticized.


i think tom said hate wasnt allowed on here, and to report the acc if the user was violating rules or abusing the website. i tried reporting and blocking but like i said, my page just goes blank so im left with no choice but to click back and refresh


yeah hes using poetry as a form of self expression and everyone is coddling him and praising his work while ignoring the accusations from the girls.

Kageyama&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;#039;s W1fe

I'm not defending him but I just found out about what was happening yesterday but all I know is a bunch of people hate him for some reason. I could see how he might have been victimizing himself when we were talking but I didn't want to say anything since idk what happened.


i didn't see much from the hate page and i regret it sm. i have really bad memory but i recall someone saying something ab him messaging them inappropriately??im not even sure, but i wish the acc wasnt banned so i could see all the stories they posted. this isnt some middle school dick measuring contest type of drama, this is literally online harassment and so much more.