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"Karkalicious definition makes terezi loco"
16 years old
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ok two updates i think

  1. I forgot my phone so I wont be on discord today (sad day)
  2. I am failing Latin

Like what the fuck is the point. I'm missing two assignments, the both of which I have tried to turn in but didnt do it correctly. AH FUCK I have to do another assignment but I don't have the handout

Latin is one of the reasons why I am so sick of this world

Anyways if anyone wants to help a homie out and help me not fail Latin, I included my missing assignments at the bottom. Yes, I am crowdsourcing my homework answers from myspace, why do you ask?

"Find the Participles of the verb SUM"

Tf even is a participle help me
then this whole page
damn I know I shouldn't've taken latin the teacher is literally terrible

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