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"totally doomed !"
97 years old
United States
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Q&A !!!

Q-What color is the tv in your room?
A- black with stickers on it

Q-Hows your heart lately?
A- its okay, people find new ways to make me feel like an ungreatful burden

Q-one year from now, what do you think you'll be up to?
A- sad about something

Q-how many different shirts have you worn today?
A-one because im in school rn lol

Q-do people who dont use proper english bother you?
A- no.. people who are the grammar police annoy me though

Q-do you own slippers? what do they look like?
A- YES! i love slippers

Q-whats in your cd player right now?
A- i think the doors

Q-what about your dvd player?
A- donnie darko ,always <3

Q-do you write down events on a calendar?
A- hell nah,,, who has time for that?

Q- is it cold outside?
A- yes very very cold

Q-any tattoos?
A- nah,, im not gonna get any either, they just aren't for me but i do like looking at others tattoos

Q -planning on getting any?
A- nope

Q-do you have any siblings?
A- yes i have an older irritating sister.

Q-what game system do you play most?
A- PS4 even though i haven't gamed in a while

Q-favorite word?
A- martyr or melancholy

Q-what phrase do you text most often?

Q-who's the 4th missed call on your phone from?
A- either my mom or ace

Q-country music or rap?
A- country music ngl,, old country like Neil Young and Johnny Cash hit different.

Q-spiderman or iron man?
A- spiderman... i hate iron man

Q-bill clinton or obama?
A- Obama because at least he's not a ya know... gross

Q-honey or baby?
A- honey 100% you'll never catch me calling anyone baby. if someone calls me that i get so grossed out.

Q-blue or pink?

Q-ranch or italian dressing?

Q-mouse or touch pad?
A- touch pad... a mouse is too much

Q-verizon or sprint?
A- verizon

Q-stay in or go out?
A- stay in.. or more just being by myself. i get home sick pretty easily 😝

Q-read the book or watch the movie?
A- it depends. i usually watch a movie and I LOVE THE MOVIE so then i look up more about it and then i end up seeing that there is a book so then i end up reading the book as well to get more insight into a movie i really loved.

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