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"totally doomed !"
97 years old
United States
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im am such an ungreatful son of a gun

why do i deserve anything. There are so many people who struggle more than me and im like "boo whoo i don't feel comfortable with my gender and my sexuality prevents me from having a normal life boo whoo". Like why can't i just be normal. No one understands how i feel and even if i try to explain it then im just confused and don't know who i am. WELL the things i am sure of yall are like "nah" fuck you. I am so alone. But thats okay. other people have it worse god damnit... i need to stop being so fucking stupid and defiant. Why can't i just be a girl and have a boyfriend and have sex and do normal things. But no of course i dont FeEl like a girl and i dont want to have sex or a partner. Of course not, good job! make things harder for you in the long run lol!

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