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Scary Childhood Things

Not technically my first post, but here's my first "real" post- it's not exceptionally dark or anything, don't worry. It's more of a ran than anything. Have you any of you had stories or pictures that scared you as a kid? I sure as hell did.

  1. The Jersey Devil from Poptropica

For a children's game, this depiction of the Jersey Devil is oddly horrifying and you absolutely cannot convince me otherwise. Why is he so horrifying?? When he first popped up while playing the Cryptids Island, I burst into tears because he has the appearance of a long forgotten Tyson's chicken tender.

  1. https://ladygeekgirl.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/th-grand-high-witch-roald-dahl.jpg?w=584

If you've had the ultimately blessing to not know who she is, you can now thank me for ruining your life. This is the grand high witch from Roald Dahl's "The Witches". Again, why is something so terrifying in a book meant for children. As a kid, I would memorize the page number to avoid the hell out of this illustration (it's page 128).

  1. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/superepicfailpedia/images/2/2c/Jeff_the_Killer.jpg/revision/latest/top-crop/width/360/height/450?cb=20160430021241

Now, everyone who has had a creepypasta phase knows who this is (if you're still in yours, bless your creepypasta-loving soul). I had mine way back in the fourth grade, so many of the creepypastas that wouldn't phase most people scared the ever-loving (insert vulgar word here) out of me. Strangely, what scared me about Jeff wasn't this picture, but the fact that he he doesn't have eyelids. I think his life would immensely improve if he invested in sunglasses.

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