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Galactic Federation: Real or Fiction

About 19 hours ago (as of the time I'm writing this), The Jerusalem Post published an article[1] about Chaim Eshed (Former Israeli space security chief) confirming the existence of aliens. The article contains information describing the following:

  1. Aliens have been in contact with Earth for years and information regarding extraterrestrial life has been confidential to reduce the chance of mass hysteria among the public.
  2. American astronauts have already landed on Mars and have established a base there.
  3. US President Donald Trump is already aware of the existence of aliens.

The article was updated approximately 2 hours ago (as of the time I'm writing this).
Two posts[2][3] were made on r/worldnews, but were removed by the moderators (one on the jpost article, the other on the IGN article [4]).

To further investigate this matter, let's analyze the credibility of both Chaim Eshed and the author of the jpost article.
Basic Information on Chaim Eshed:

  1. Is 87 years of age
  2. Is releasing a book (The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed)
  3. Was head of Israel’s space security program from 1981 to 2010
  4. A three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award

Unfortunately, I couldn't recover any other unbiased information on the person in question because there's been a recent influx of news sites cluttering the google search results. I had an attempt at DuckDuckGo instead, however, I only came across the ever-so-lovely error 404.

Next, let’s take a look at the author of the news article, Aaron Reich[6].
Basic Information about Aaron Reich:
1.Has a degree in Communications and Political Science from Bar Ilan University
2.Typically writes about historical or political events
3.Retweeted about his article on his twitter[7] page, but hasn’t made any independent comments on the matter himself.

From the information I’ve gathered, I can only hypothesize a few reasons as to why and how this situation unfolded. My first theory is that this claim was made by Chaim Eshed to promote his freshly published book. This deduction is pretty solid, except it doesn’t explain the inconsistency of what information I could easily access and what I could not. When I reverse searched an image of the cover of his book, it lead me to a dead end. In fact, none of the search results were related to my input- nevertheless, my determination did eventually lead me to a website where I can purchase the book[8]. My second deduction is that on the astronomically small off-chance that this claim is true, then either the US or Israeli government will come out and confirm it.
For now, I will remain skeptical of these claims until further (reputable) evidence comes to light and leave the reporting to tabloids and what not. It’s been interesting to collect all these observations about the situation though. I’ll post an update on this situation later.

What do you guys think? Leave your theory in the comments.


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Christmas Figures in Other Cultures

Merry month of Christmas everyone. I'm too lazy to write something new, but (surprisingly) I do happen to have content. This little short list of different holiday figures in various cultures is something I whipped up a few years back to get into the holiday spirit. I'll write about these Christmas folklore another day more in depth.

Jólakötturinn- In Icelandic folklore, a yule cat that literally eats lazy people.

Grýla- Also in Icelandic folklore, a witch that has a hunger for naughty children.

Krampus- An anti-Santa that is half-goat, half-demon. In Germany, children left a boot out for either presents in it or a rod from Krampus. In modern central Europe, drunken men dressed up as Krampus would chase people in the street.

Belsnickel- This is a tradition that originated in Germany and lower Austria but carried over with immigrants in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Belsnickel is a disheveled man who'd pose as a family figure at Christmas dinners. Then, he'd reward the good children and beat the naughty ones.

Nisse- From Norwegian folklore, this is a gnome-like creature that protected families but if he doesn't get butter on his grøt, he kills your livestock. There's a similar creature in Sweden called a "tomte". This is related to Christmas because on Christmas eve, a girl pranked her Nisse by putting the butter at the bottom of the grøt. The Nisse thought there was no butter, because the butter is usually on top. Not realizing it was on the bottom, he killed the best livestock. When he discovered the butter when he came back, he immediately felt bad.

Joulupukki- "Yule goat"- In Finnish folklore, Joulupukki will demand gifts from people and then give it to good kids.

Frau Perchta- This derives from Eastern European folklore, where Perchta is a witch who performs punishments on naughty kids by cutting up their stomachs, ripping out their intestines and internal organs, and replacing them with garbage.

Since I wrote this years ago, I don't have access to the original resources I used. However, I'll be providing credit to any sources used in my blog from now on.


Scary Childhood Things

Not technically my first post, but here's my first "real" post- it's not exceptionally dark or anything, don't worry. It's more of a ran than anything. Have you any of you had stories or pictures that scared you as a kid? I sure as hell did.

  1. The Jersey Devil from Poptropica

For a children's game, this depiction of the Jersey Devil is oddly horrifying and you absolutely cannot convince me otherwise. Why is he so horrifying?? When he first popped up while playing the Cryptids Island, I burst into tears because he has the appearance of a long forgotten Tyson's chicken tender.

  1. https://ladygeekgirl.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/th-grand-high-witch-roald-dahl.jpg?w=584

If you've had the ultimately blessing to not know who she is, you can now thank me for ruining your life. This is the grand high witch from Roald Dahl's "The Witches". Again, why is something so terrifying in a book meant for children. As a kid, I would memorize the page number to avoid the hell out of this illustration (it's page 128).

  1. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/superepicfailpedia/images/2/2c/Jeff_the_Killer.jpg/revision/latest/top-crop/width/360/height/450?cb=20160430021241

Now, everyone who has had a creepypasta phase knows who this is (if you're still in yours, bless your creepypasta-loving soul). I had mine way back in the fourth grade, so many of the creepypastas that wouldn't phase most people scared the ever-loving (insert vulgar word here) out of me. Strangely, what scared me about Jeff wasn't this picture, but the fact that he he doesn't have eyelids. I think his life would immensely improve if he invested in sunglasses.

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Hello World

This is just my silly little blog where I'll be posting silly little things. Some quick things about me- my favorite cryptid is the Jersey Devil. I like to wear black fingernail polish and watch anime (my favorites being Death Parade, Kill la Kill, and Blue Exorcist). My MBTI is INTP and my astrological sign is Virgo, if that means anything to you. Below are my favorite albums:
Now that my introduction is out of the way, I genuinely hope you enjoy the content I post here. Ciao, for now.

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