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20 years old
United States
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it's been awhile

I may have completely forgotten that I had this account.... I took a look at my css and it boggles my mind, I completely forgot how it works, soo I won't be able to change it until I figure it out again :( but I don't mind, I think I'm satisfied with how it already looks, at least for now. Nothing else to say, except that since I was last here I turned 20, which has been mildly scary. Been thinking more and more of the Mitski lyric, "Yet now I find I've grown into a tall child."

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Genshin Impact!

I've been playing genshin impact for a few months now, and I just did got most lucky ten wishes I have ever gotten!! I wanted to do one more set of ten wishes before saving up for when Xiao comes out, and it was so good!! Also if anyone wants to be friends on genshin impact just lemme know and I'll send you my player ID thingy, I'm almost AR 40.


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Figuring out css

i'm slowly figuring out the basics of css for my page hehehehe but it is certainly confusing. It's extreemely satisfying though when i finally get something to work properly.