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"swag :flushed:"
69 years old
United States
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answers to q&a questions!

I will edit this blog as more questions are asked!

  1. George.Exe.Found:
    Q: whats your number one favorite song at the moment?
    A: my favorite song would be "sweater weather" by the neighbourhood
  2. 33000emails:
    Q:What's your favorite beanie baby?
    Q:Current new/reoccurring interest?
    Q:Favorite "crappy" movie/show?
    A: Mystic the Unicorn beanie baby. I have one and I love her.
    A2: Minecraft, drawing, Friday Night Funkin, and Myspace :]
    A3: I don't really have a favorite "crappy" movie or show, but I would say South Park is a favorite of mine
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