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eraserhead (1977) review

spoiler free ;)

so i went into this movie completely unaware of the madness that was gonna ensue, all i knew was that this was a movie about a lizard demon baby thing
holy moly was i in for a ride

this is probably now one of my favourite horror films of all time, and it doubles up as a perfect encapsulation of why i don't want children. the practical effects are wild, i stg that baby lizard looks so real and all the body horror is amazing, i squirmed a LOT.

the actual plot is very sparse (possibly nonexistent but that is up for debate), and as someone who does really need a story to cling on to, i did have to google theories about it halfway through because i had no idea what was going on. there are plenty of theories about it such as the nuclear war one (my personal favourite) to think about during the movie to keep yourself engaged enough to enjoy the film.

overall 9/10 i completely adored it

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