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"Mushrooms? God. "
15 years old
United States
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Potato recipe

If you're like me, you're a busy piece of shit. I mean, I barely have time to dream! this potato recipe is quick easy and good. but first, a little background. People love talking about having shower thoughts, deep thoughts they have in the shower. I've never had them before, I'd think that's cause I spend so much time with my head empty. My brain doesn't scramble to fill in any blank space, so I don't have any weird thoughts connecting. But cooking the potatoes acts as a shower. so thats when I have my deep thoughts. they aren't good thoughts, like for instance, I was thinking about how people are gonna need to abbreviate years like they do for A.E.C and B.E.C. I don't know what they'd be. something with corona probably. or like what makes a person alive. Oh sure, you're breathing n shit, but being alive is more to do with your soul. without it you're just animated. but then what is a soul? the definition is spotty. I'd think a soul isn't your heart, but your heartbeats. not your brain firing random neurons, but the thoughts that are created from such. people's souls are their personality and personhood. If the world were fair, we'd all have perfect souls. we'd all think good things and not really want to hurt others, right? Or maybe a fair world is somehow worse then this one. that is what school teached me anyhow.
Three potatoes.
chicken bouillon.
onion powder.
lemon juice.
Combine in a pan with oil. cook until tender. enjoy.

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