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19 years old
United States
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i feel like i might have made the wrong

ok so the past few days have been pretty rough

found out the my little cousin is positive and family members that live in another state also tested positive and then one of them was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

then my dog was hospitalized because he was going into heart failure, and its been 24 hours since then and he recently came home like. . .. not even an hour ago. Idk if its because hes out of it or a little bit sad but i think i might have made the wrong decision about giving him treatment. I love him so much tho, i cant imagine my life without him and i cant help but think maybe he didnt want to be saved

it might just be stress from the end of the semester annd finals approaching but fjadjdhahdf i hate that all ive done is rant in my blog posts

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