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urghhhh (a rant you dont have to say

i really hate how the big orange man in office handled covid

i hate how my city's school district handled going back to school (i didn't go back im in college and doing online classes)

so my cousin's school decided that they would start tryig to go back to in person doing grade by grade starting with kindergarten and moving up to older kids.

Well as it turns out there have been a few people that were confirmed to have covid at my cousin's school and now hes starting to show symptoms. his fever was bad enough that they went to the hospital

hes 6

its so shitty that they did that, HES 6!!!!!

and then another part of my family all caught covid because they had a 15th bday thing for my cousin (hes 15) and while i dont feel as bad bc they shouldve known what would happen, my aunt is currently in the hospital because shes diabetic

i cant imagine how my cousin feels rn

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