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"How’d I get all this lint in my pocket?"
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Book Marks are Cool

Hello friend,

I wanted to speak about my book marks. I got this pack of book marks about a year or two ago. Real cheap. They are gorgeous. I was taken aback by how beautiful they were. Today I was speaking in a chat about this book I like to read and my book marks. I spoke on how buying all volumes can run me 52 dollars with no fees. Someone offered to pay them for me. I was taken aback. They were always a sarcastic one (like me) so we would get on each others nerves in the beginning but they have seemed to cool down. I thought it was nice for them to offer. I thanked them but I didn't take the offer. He seems nicer now. He liked my book mark I showed him. But anyways back to bookmarks. I got this gorgeous set. Two of them bent one was my fault the other my siblings'. I got mad but over time I've realized hey I bent book mark won't kill me. I'll just be careful with them and that's the most I can do. I love book marks. There are so many kinds of book marks. For example I saw this nice one made of metal meaning it won't bend and it is gorgeous as well! I have some book marks with koi fish on it and others with cats. I have some with some nice scenery. I think maybe I'll make my own book marks and sell them. I know how to draw pretty good so maybe I will!

The best of the best,

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