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"How’d I get all this lint in my pocket?"
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My Absence

Hello friends,
Okay so first off I just realized that people can't comment on my page if they aren't my friend. I always wondered why I never got comments on my page. Second, excuse my absence. School is coming to an end and I have loads of work to do. Over the summer I'll be more active on my page. I haven't even finished my page but I gotta do my school work. I'll be back soon! I'll still check up on my account so shoot me a friend request and I might accept!

Signing off,

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Book Marks are Cool

Hello friend,

I wanted to speak about my book marks. I got this pack of book marks about a year or two ago. Real cheap. They are gorgeous. I was taken aback by how beautiful they were. Today I was speaking in a chat about this book I like to read and my book marks. I spoke on how buying all volumes can run me 52 dollars with no fees. Someone offered to pay them for me. I was taken aback. They were always a sarcastic one (like me) so we would get on each others nerves in the beginning but they have seemed to cool down. I thought it was nice for them to offer. I thanked them but I didn't take the offer. He seems nicer now. He liked my book mark I showed him. But anyways back to bookmarks. I got this gorgeous set. Two of them bent one was my fault the other my siblings'. I got mad but over time I've realized hey I bent book mark won't kill me. I'll just be careful with them and that's the most I can do. I love book marks. There are so many kinds of book marks. For example I saw this nice one made of metal meaning it won't bend and it is gorgeous as well! I have some book marks with koi fish on it and others with cats. I have some with some nice scenery. I think maybe I'll make my own book marks and sell them. I know how to draw pretty good so maybe I will!

The best of the best,

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My Different Aesthetics

Hello everyone,
Okay so I don't like to choose one aesthetic. I have a bunch of different aesthetics! So here I will list all the aesthetics my Myspace have/had.

  1. Stars/Space
  2. Cottage Core
  3. Relaxing
  4. Horror (1)
  5. Togami
  6. Frogs
  7. Jack Stauber
  8. Birthday
  9. Animecore/Brainmelt (Incompleted)
  10. 2000s
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Welcome to my page!


I wonder how you found this page. (Let me know in the comments) I just have one rule:

Do not friend me just for the numbers. I don't like to accept friend request from people who just do it for the numbers. So if you have a blog entry named "100 FWIENDs!!" I am talking about you. It seems arrogant to just do it for the numbers.I check every account and of course I pass judgment like any other person. So want to talk to me? Great just friend me and message me but if you just care about the numbers please ever so kindly go onto some else's page.


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