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15 years old
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howwwwwwwww did i manage to jank up the blog box colour i cannot fnid the colro ANYWEHRE IN MY CODE WHAT
someone pls help i will cry /j

anyways i think im gonna make that story i mentioned earlier in rpgmaker although i may change up the concept a little little bit. sprite work will be the death of me but i'll try 2 work on planning out stuff during winter break since i do not want to fail my classes again heart eyes

btw why the fuckr r all the ubereats sites so expensive listen i just want 2 wendys cheeseburgers i am not paying 20 fucking dollars for that?????????!!!!!!!!!!! also i wanna get a pt job just like snow plowing or something but i can't find any availabl in my area</33 no moneeeeeeezz</3333333

das it hope everyone has a good day remember u r valid and amazign ily :-)

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