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brainstorming ?!

ok to be honest i rlly want to make an rpgmaker game just bc the format is rlly interesting for storytelling and the style reminds me of those old shitty fan rpgs ppl would make of pokemon.

the thing is i... dk how to code... i mean ik rpgmaker makes it easier for ppl who don't write in ruby or whatever the coding language was but like my brain does not comprehend Any of it

it's still a fun thought tho bc i think the concept i have has lots of potential,, i just dk how i can execute it exactly how i'd like without spending ages trying 2 figure out code

generally the idea i had was a character with some sort of 'superpower'/ability that represents an internal conflict. and it would be a contrast of this like supernatural crazy ability to a slow-paced small town that the character grew up in. more simplified like, superpower vs boring reality.

the conflict i had in mind was like social anxiety being portrayed as a mind-reading power since i feel like i could translate my personal experience onto that, but tbh idrk how i could expand on it w/o accidentally demonizing anxiety. or romanticizing it. like i know there's potential but i don't think i'm choosing the right subject. maybe if i?? made it story related or something that's more related to the mc's relationship w other characters

idk i'll come back to this if i come up with something

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Sounds like it would be a pretty neat
story if ya got it in a game.


hmmmmm, soumds pretty good! cant wait to see if you will do that:)