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"i hate it here"
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sooo blogging is fun!!?? i want to ramble about routines a bit. i actually really like having routines and sometimes changing them makes me very uncomfortable. i like being a certain person with a certain routine i dont know if that makes sense. but like you know those characters people kin? i want to have certain characteristic qualities (?) like them. its not like a main character complex thing, i just want to have a certain character that people think of when they hear my name. anyways routines! they are certain and very expected so it makes me feel very comfortable. but i think i'm getting way too comfortable at this point. i've been living the same days for months! wake up at 8:30, rush to your online class that starts exactly at 8:30, be done with school, lay around and sleep. i dont know i know its almost everyone's life rn but still it's getting too boring. sometimes i'm too comfortable by just looking at my phone i don't watch a movie or read a bit and it sucks! anyways i guess that's it i'll let you know if my routine changes. it's highly unlikely because i can't even go out now but still. also hope i can find myself soon. message me if you feel similar so we can lose our minds together over this.


here's a routine song that calms me down:


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totally understand being bored w online school life lol! I don't have any synchronized classes so my problem is like the opposite: I have no schedule and its so frustrating haha. best of luck tho !


Blogs disappear after a while they're really used on here for important stuff, I would suggest you use it that way sorry!