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"stay awake"
13 years old
United States
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a personal / emotional vent

hey so ive been more active on here lately and i gotta get out some emotions and theyre not too horrible but i just need an outlet & im gonna use this. don't read if you don't want to :D

so my mom took my cats back to the shelter after 2 1/2 years of owning them. without my permission, while i was at my dad's house in quarantine since my covid test was positive. they're black cats, brothers, and we got them when they were about 2 months old. i've been raising them for as long as anything has been relevant in my life. their names are twinkle and bandit. (yes i named bandit after bandit way)


bandit is on the left and twinkle is on the right. i feel so distraught. i checked the shelter and they're unavailable. i feel so lost without them. every time i come home i expect them to come running to my door. but it never happens. it's like they've been snatched from me. im so broken without them. "but it's just a pet-" no. they were more than pets. they've saved my life in ways that most pets don't. i needed them and i still do. i just hope that they're happy, because i know i'm not.

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thats absolutely horrible


wow that really really sucks :/. i can't even imagine going through this. as a cat owner, i know how you feel. they are your babies and best friends. i'm so sorry that happened to you and i really hope that you can see them again. i really hope she regrets what she did. :(


I'm very sorry for you. Your mom did a messed up thing. I really hope they'll come back to you somehow and you'll feel better ;-;


:'( MEANY !!!!!!!!!!!