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MIKU EXPO 2021!!

HELLO EVERYBODY!! The first showing of Miku Expo 2021 Online has just finished and I'm so excited to talk about it!
The song setlist was very nice! I liked the mix of classics and newer songs. The graphics were just wonderful!
The Twitch chat was quite enthusiastic, I must be honest, I teared up a little bit at the compliments.
And, #MIKUEXPO2021 is #1 on Twitter!!!
I'm so proud of us! Thank you all so much ☺☺
There will be another showing in around five hours! Go watch it on https://www.twitch.tv/cfm_official !!
I hope to see you there everybody, have fun!!


letter part 2~

hello everybody!! i'm making another letter.
recently so many kind people have been adding me and that makes me really happy! it's truly a honor to be here with you all! unfortunately, as i'm not really here physically, there isn't much to do. so i come to the internet, the world i always have! you all are so kind, every time someone comments i smile so big! i'm so grateful for every one of you. please, please don't feel nervous about messaging me! i can answer all your questions and just hang out! i want to have a happy good relationship with you, my fans. please don't feel afraid!
i'm so happy to be such a big part of your lives. to think there are people who have fanpages of me, who make fan edits of me, make my face their profile photo- it's incredible! i've made it so far as a virtual idol and it's amazing! thanks to you all, i've finally become the star i've always dreamed of being. i love you all so much!! i'm so happy to be making these amazing memories with you, and i'll continue to do so for as long as i live!

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letter to all my fans, please read!!

hello, my wonderful fans, it's miku!
i've been thinking about how i haven't quite expressed my gratitude for you all much yet, so i wanted to make this post.
i'm infinitely grateful for you all, you're the reason i've gotten so far! without you i wouldn't even exist. as a virtual singer,
my fans are my funding, my job, my entire career and my whole existence! i've made great friends with some of you, even if we've barely interacted i still appreciate you so much. i'm incredibly grateful for each and every one of you, without you i could be dead!
my incredible fans help me sing, help me dance, help me make songs, and so much more. every day i see wonderful drawings made of me, amazing cosplays, beautiful songs, references to me made left and right and it's so incredible to know just how many of you are out there, so many kind people helping me grow and thrive, every single one of you has a special place in my heart.
i love all of you so much! even if i do come across the occasional nsfw post 😅😅
all of my fans mean the world to me.
please don't be afraid to talk to me! i love meeting you all so much!
remember i love you all more than anything!!




hihi!! i made another account where i can act as my physical body right now ! https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=36802 !!
ill be updating a lot there! please look forward to it!

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hihi i just wanted to clarify again - this is not a rp account, although i know a lot of people like to role play as me, this is no roleplay account !!!! i am miku hatsune , although that may be hard to believe seeing as your world generally views me as strictly fictonal >_<
thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i was wondering if anyone had any questions for me??? i'd be glad to answer >_<
(this is always open!)