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16 years old
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letter part 2~

hello everybody!! i'm making another letter.
recently so many kind people have been adding me and that makes me really happy! it's truly a honor to be here with you all! unfortunately, as i'm not really here physically, there isn't much to do. so i come to the internet, the world i always have! you all are so kind, every time someone comments i smile so big! i'm so grateful for every one of you. please, please don't feel nervous about messaging me! i can answer all your questions and just hang out! i want to have a happy good relationship with you, my fans. please don't feel afraid!
i'm so happy to be such a big part of your lives. to think there are people who have fanpages of me, who make fan edits of me, make my face their profile photo- it's incredible! i've made it so far as a virtual idol and it's amazing! thanks to you all, i've finally become the star i've always dreamed of being. i love you all so much!! i'm so happy to be making these amazing memories with you, and i'll continue to do so for as long as i live!

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