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Oh sry. I hope that sounded as evil as possible. wink
But today my evil plan just worked the way I wanted it to.

I created it. Yes it was me. The master brain Slim Shady!
I have deceived you all with my rap power and my coding skills. Its so beautiful to see folks like you with no clue whats going on mwuahahahaaaaa!!

Now to my evil and cruel plan:

I created Corona/COVID-19 in China, because its way cheaper there lol. If you want to set up your evil plan and you are not the richest man as everyone thinks, it is not that easy, but in China. Everyone in China is rich, you know? Haha jk. China is great Cough because everything is created in China.

Now the school where I teach is closed due to this "mistake" I created.
Thats bad. NOT! HAHAAAA.
I can relax and, oof its very cold here huh? Hmm I dont care lol. Ok where was I? Ah yea I can relax and chill @ home for some weeks. Thats soooo good :)

I hope my students understand my plan and are also happy that they can stay at home now. If they dont get it I cant help because I cant heeear them muahahaa!

Maybe cough thats my last blog here.. I feel a little bit sick and i think i need a break.



Hello again my fans!

Today we repeated some lessons and worked for the exam they need to do.

We taaalked then we did some tasks and then we talked again. And even now, in this important time, some students just watched videos about car crashes lol. Another girl played hide and seek with me (she was hidden between a server cabinet and the window behind her jacket).

The best thing was the countdown from my Nr. 1 student. A black website with a white countdown till the lesson ends(looks dramatic).

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5.3.20-Optic Illus.

Im back again and very healthy ;). And no. I wasnt infected by corona but my students thought they need "more" distance between me and themself.
So they used a broom to keep the GLASS DOOR closed. They laught. I laught. Now to the important things, the lessons.

But oof im still a little bit dizzy from the optical illusion that showed me my Nr. 1 student(I dont write down his name here but he is realy cool ;) ) If u want to test it yourself here is a link: https://strobe.cool/

Now the task they need to solve with SQL:
Create a database, create 9 tables with some attributes, create Foreign Keys and Primary Keys and so on. Boring stuff they do aaaall time. But wait! Theres more...

My Nr. 1 student showed me EVEN MORE optical illusions. I dont want to post it here but it was very interesting.

That means 75% of my lesson = optical illusions and talking with them and the other 25% is doing REALY important stuff for there exam.

I will remember this day for a looong time. I hope i do.

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I got a problem.

I am ill. I am very very veeeery ill. I think.

Don't tell my students but I don't wanna go to school this week and do stuff. I just want to lay down into my bed and sleep to the next day and hope I am feeling a bit better than now.


The next time I'll see them is at the beginning of march and I hope I'm healthy again.

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17.1.20-MORE D/SQL

Hello again guys!

today my class was anoying. They said they wrote an exam but i dont trust them. They are an evil group of young people. Ok no more crying xD.

I gave them some more tasks to solve.
Select this from there with a stupid where and some group by options bla bla. You know? The boring stuff which no one want.

At least I gave them the correct database with all the records.

But then.. IUH, Arrgh! They showed me some pictures. So damn disgusting.. Oof i dont want to think about it. The word is "trypophobie". Just want to cry :c

All in all: Successfull day full of pain(pictures), bored students and fun for me.

![Aggregate functions](/assets/images/shiprock.jpg "Aggregate functions lol")

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16.01.20 - Funny

Today I tried to speak english to my class. It was funny! They laught a lot and I think thats a good sign.

After the relaxed Hours of fun we had some SQL-DQL lessons. It was booooring. But one funny Thing happend there too lol. One of my students wanted to eat INSIDE THE COMPUTERROOM. Oh my goosh. And he did it! HE TRULY DID IT. I said him not to do it but he just did it while hiding from me.

All in all a successfull day for me and my little students.


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