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5.3.20-Optic Illus.

Im back again and very healthy ;). And no. I wasnt infected by corona but my students thought they need "more" distance between me and themself.
So they used a broom to keep the GLASS DOOR closed. They laught. I laught. Now to the important things, the lessons.

But oof im still a little bit dizzy from the optical illusion that showed me my Nr. 1 student(I dont write down his name here but he is realy cool ;) ) If u want to test it yourself here is a link: https://strobe.cool/

Now the task they need to solve with SQL:
Create a database, create 9 tables with some attributes, create Foreign Keys and Primary Keys and so on. Boring stuff they do aaaall time. But wait! Theres more...

My Nr. 1 student showed me EVEN MORE optical illusions. I dont want to post it here but it was very interesting.

That means 75% of my lesson = optical illusions and talking with them and the other 25% is doing REALY important stuff for there exam.

I will remember this day for a looong time. I hope i do.

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Thanks for sharing that sensei, that optical illusion melted my eyes :) it was very cool