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De3pfried_D3adMe4t's Blog

"updating my page from scratch"
69 years old
United States
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WOAAAH hello there again maybe?

Just came back to say hi again! I kinda forgot how to do css and shit, and alot of things have changed and i kinda lost motivation. Spending a good while on making my page look pretty and then changing it because it just- doesnt look nice anymore or doesnt fit my mood is kinda demotivating and shizzle. Like- constantly redoing my shit is,,, idk :/ and that's like- the only thing to here other than post every now and again. Idk, i guess im demotivated. Might redo my shit again, dont get your hopes up though. Ill probably just brainshit into a website thing and then like, idk die for a while or somethin

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