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"yoshikage kira apologist"
17 years old
United States
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Diamond is Unbreakable - 10/10
diu is the perfect part imo, i enjoy the slice of life/murder mystery tones of it alot!! it's very nice and josuke is an amazing jojo, idc what anyone says. messed up how we introduced many amazing characters who didn't get much screen time ): mikitaka especially, lol i love him.

<3 - yoshikage kira, great fucking villain hoooly shit
<3 - rohan..i love him alot, idk why everyone hates him (i do but lol)
<3 - mikitaka….i absolutely love him. i love how it's never confirmed whether he's an alien or a stand user.
</3 - angelo, he was so fucking terriying and on a different level than kira
</3 - hayatos weird self...ur moms happy, what's your DEAL?? but also why was kira thriving off of bullying an 11 year old and losing
</3 - i said this earlier, but i wish some characters got more screen time. overall though, great fuckin part


Vento Aureo - 8/10
this part made me cry so fucking much what?? i loved these characters and some of their deaths had me sobbing, also, giorno isnt a boring jojo youre just fucking stupid.

<3 - la squadra di esecuzione. holy shit did i love la squadra, amaing fucking characters with amazing stands. all of them were done criminally dirty though and that is ultimately extremely upsetting (ESPECIALLY RISOTTO.)
<3 - risotto nero…….i know he's technically la squadra too but everything about him is amazing, from his stand to his design to EVERYTHING.
<3 - bruno….holy shit
</3 - abbachio got on my nerves kinda
</3 - the treatment of la squadra…….
</3 - risotto v doppio :|


Stone Ocean - 10/10
out of all the animes ive seen and watched/read, this one made me cry the most. im gonna be spoiler free or try but…...bittersweet ending. extremely, and it made sense. no other jojo wouldve won against pucci n if u h8 jolyne over this, remember that jonathan also fucking lost.

<3 - weather report
<3 - jolyne best jojo
<3 - dilftaro
</3 - pucci was off his rockers in this part, scariest and most powerful villain.
</3 - only ppl with no taste dislike this part, ending made sense…..die
</3 - why was dio sexy here but unsexy in part 3…………….


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