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jojos parts review (1-3)

Phantom Blood - 6/10
to start off, this is such a great part! i absolutely loved jonathan and zeppeli. i do understand how some people would think it's slow and kinda boring due to its weird pacing but once you watch/read the series, you’ll learn to appreciate it.

<3 - dio was such a good villain in this with clear motives, also kinda sexc
<3 - jonathan is a GREAT joestar and i am so so so in love with his character
<3 - speedwagon :,)
</3 - pacing was weird n i kinda understand why ppl think it's boring at first
</3 - george joestar
</3 - if i hear a speedwagon best waifu comment, i”ll scream alot


Battle Tendency - 7/10
kars was the best villain who should've won, joseph won out of luck i do not care!! he was right in every way, shape and form, every pillar men made absolute points. banging music though, pillar men theme fucking rocks…..

<3 - kars killing n@z1s
<3 - kars refusing to step on a flower <33
<3 - kars’ existence
</3 - stroheim. i do not like him whatsoever….seriously, theres no justification for his character
</3 - JOSEPH WINNING. liek….wtf
</3 - not enough kars


Stardust Crusaders - 8/10
really good part! they introduced us to the stands everyone knows n love, jotaro is solid jojo but my fave is polnareff. i do think its a tad repetitive with the stand-a-day type of thing but its still a fun part.

<3 - hol horse (,:
<3 - avdols mere existence is why i kept watching, i love him
<3 - hol horse and boingo episodes are what held up the entire series
</3 - dio was so hyped up n i thought he would look better but ended up looking like a freak ):
</3 - what did dio even want lol
</3 - alessi should have encountered joseph. i mean that with my life


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its extremely good!! the theme is so good honestly


OMGZ ur so right about pt 1 I love it so much and I hate how people call it boring :3cc