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"rest relaxation and swicked stooky tunes"
18 years old
United States
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it's 5 am

well 5:27 to be exact

but details details right

had a cup of coffee which is probably why i haven't passed out yet

and i loaded that cup of coffee with copious amounts of milk and creamer so it tasted less bitter, cause i wasn't in such a bitter mood

im too fuckin sweet for bitter tonight homedawg

i seem to have a lot of talented friends and im proud of all those mofos for being so cool and shit

listening to some brobecks (criminally underrated band, go check them out. they made the song on my profile :finger guns:)

and earlier was practicing some mcr on guitar cause their music is pretty fuckin fire if im being totally honest

and as an honest man i can vouch for my honesty

unless im the imposter in which case no i cannot promise honesty but we aren't astronauts today so don't even worry about that


anyway you all have a good night or day or whatever, im either gonna pass out or be awake for another few hours before passing out at like 8 or 9 am and waking up around 7 pm

well see how things go lol

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at first, i thought mr jhobbsey was acting sus, but now im not sure. he said mcr had bangers, thats indeed true. i dont think hes the imposter, guys



broski the 50th

honest talk between honest men: mcr gets way too much shit over trivial shit like their OG fanbase. as someone who grew up listening to them with an older relative back when they were the hottest shit i will back u up on them having some fucking bangers