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"A heart's a heavy burden."
16 years old
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not whining!

i know i have talked about how i have no friends and my friends are terrible etc etc but like
its so real and so sad
luckily i have an opportunity to meet a bunch of new people after summer but ive been waiting for summer for soooooooo long and what am i supposed to do without friends
every time they speak i listen and give advice and im always willling to sacrifice my previous plans to hang out w them if they want to and i always respond to messages as fast as i can as it is nice being heard but thevye literally told be they cant sometimes be bothered to respond and i dont even messaget that often
i know its ok not to be super... like me ig for ur friends but id want someone as my friend who is willing to do the same
im talking about 2 friends and they keep making plans without me in front of me and then theyll be like oh yeah u want to come ok come and then they do the thing without me and like yeah maybe i should ask but i dont want to seem pushy and if they wanted me there they wouldve asked

autumn will be better

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