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"A heart's a heavy burden."
16 years old
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for the heart, not the mind

every year in autumn, the leaves turn yellow, some red
it doesn't take long before they're all brown, dead on the ground
it's so colourful then, right?
it's fun to hear them crunch underneath your feet
but i grow tired of it so fast
and soon they're just rotting on the ground
the trees are now left empty, lonely
so dark and depressing
snow is yet to fall and evenings are so early
with wisdom i can doubt snow falling anyway
it's so dark
and to think i would've missed this a couple years back
even though i was out the whole summer
i still have my tan
and the memories of drinking monster by the river
going on spontaneous swims with friends
i'll still miss the bright green leaves the trees had
i never thought about it till now
and i wont think about till spring
when, through something like sorcery
all the leaves and flowers will start blooming again
and i'll claim to not remember the time they last bloomed
but for now, all i can feel is sorrow
and indulge in the yellowing leaves
one last time

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this is so nostalgic i luv