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"Kick till the boots are worn"
18 years old
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Best lyrics I've ever seen.

Songs I can relate to their lyrics

Slayer - 213

Erotic sensations tingle my spine
A dead body lying next to mine
Smooth blue black lips
I start salivating as we kiss
Mine forever this sweet death
I cannot forget your soft breaths
Panting excitedly with my hands around your neck

Shades are drawn
No one can see
What I've done
What's become of me
Here I stand
Above all that's been true
How I love
How I love to kill you

Rammstein-Weißes Fleisch

Du auf dem Schulhof
ich zum Töten bereit
und keiner hier weiß
von meiner Einsamkeit

Rote Striemen auf weißer Haut
ich tu dir weh
und du jammerst laut

Jetzt hast du Angst und ich bin soweit
mein schwarzes Blut versaut dir das Kleid

(You, in the schoolyard
I am ready to kill
and no one here knows
of my loneliness

Red welts on white skin
I hurt you
and you cry loudly

Now you are scared and I am ready
my black blood soils your dress)

The Smiths - Never Had No One Ever

When you walk without ease
On these streets where you were raised
I had a really bad dream
It lasted 20 years, 7 months and 27 days
And I know, alone
that I never, ever oh
Had no one ever

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