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operation cool

[1:56 am]

i met up with my two friends today n we had a great time !! except the restaurant left a piece of wire in my food, got our orders wrong and took 40min each time .. hm

well we talked !! and we talked abt new beginnings specifically. i mentioned i rlly wanna dress alt n they actually agreed!! grace was definitely more enthusiastic, and we did let our minds run away with us somewhat. we're going to the drugstore on wednesday to pick up some makeup and finally learn how to do it !! yay

officially named operation cool, n since all our parents are strict we're gonna ask to out after dark as well!!

jeez... i kmow that sounds like the bare minimum to some of you, but i'm not allowed my phone or technology in my room and have to be asleep by 9pm..

gonna rant on that another time.


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Jaden Desmond

congrats, and I agree, it's wild to think some people are able to just leave their houses and wander around at night until 3 am without their parents getting mad. it's crazy