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"hiii! i cant find the sign in my keyboard "
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  • Do you understand that you have to overcome the complex?

-. It's not a complex, for God's sake, get it

  • If it is a complex, you now imagine this situation: you do something for a French public, after a while they review; and of course they were going to heat up! the whole Spanish public was there

-. stop talking like an old man, you don't understand me and you flash that you can control the distorted thinking according to you

  • Old people are wise, calm down, I understand you, you do not understand the point of view of others

-. but it has nothing to do with a French or Spanish public, you cannot control what I think

  • I don't, I'm sitting next to your bed talking as if I were your psychologist, don't you think that talking to me helps more than denying that it is a complex?

-. no no and no! shut up, it's not a complex, you admit it, say it!

  • You are the same as always, we have known each other since you were 4, I know you and you know me, we should have known that neither was going to accept what the other said

-. The only one who doesn't listen to me is you, you don't understand, no matter how much I speak to you, do I speak in Mandarin Chinese? - he yelled

he turned to see the individual to look at him with all his fury loaded in his eyes, but there was no chair, there was no person, sometimes he forgot that he was an imaginary friend, he sighed and went to bed again, he wanted him to exist, he wanted to actually talk to him.

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