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"hiii! i cant find the sign in my keyboard "
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hey yall

hi sweeties1!1!!!!1!!!1
how yall doing????? i just wanna tell something, nobody gonna cares but... IS MY 7 MONTH WITHOUT SELF HARMMMMM I'M SO HAPPY
so......................... i want to yall see what i do: write

I still remember that tulip, it had blossomed on the train tracks that went to a couple of stations, not much, but it had a way. The train was not frequent, and when one day I wanted to see the sunset, the flower was not, where? where were you? because you left? Nobody had paid attention to it, it blossomed alone, the poor abandoned tulip that nobody rescued, then one day, when not everyone was lamenting, only some passengers who looked with painful eyes, which were rather a "what is going to be done".
So in the same place of the tulip, try to grow there, so every morning and afternoon, I would remember that shimmering flower with the sunlight and the dew drops from the night before that would evaporate, it would even be, just a "maybe" that it crossed my mind ... that plant was born there? or did you decide momentarily a view where to stay to watch the sunset? no one saw her, no one took her out, they just passed by and following a course with a fixed gaze and a poorly fitted chinstrap, they let her survive the gloom of a candle.

love u yall! take care from urself <3333

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